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International Computer Driving License – ICDL


It is a fact that we are relying on computers more with each passing year. It is always useful for the blind to get to know how to work with computers because they can use this knowledge in their further studies or work.


St. Nicholas’ Home Penang had signed an agreement with ICDL Asia in 2009 in order for us to conduct an IT course by using the syllabus according to the ICDL certification. ICDL Asia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ECDL Foundation, the not-for-profit certifying authority of the ICDL / ECDL programme. ICDL is one of the internationally recognize qualification and we are the only accredited ICDL testing centre in Malaysia catering specifically to the needs of blind and low vision candidates.


ICDL certifies that the holder is fully competent in the use of a personal computer and common computer applications, and knows the essential concepts of IT. The trainees will also learn on how to set the screen reader (mostly NVDA) according to their personal use and satisfaction and all short cut keys in order to fully utilise a computer.


At this moment, St Nicholas’ Home offered only the ICDL Base Modules. A trainee can be awarded an ICDL Profile Certificate for passing the test for all modules:

       Module 1 – Computer Essentials

       Module 2 – Online Essentials

       Module 3 – Spreadsheet

       Module 4 – Word Processing

       Module 5 – Presentation

All of the modules will be conducted by experienced and certified IT Instructors within 6 months.


The intake for ICDL course is in January, on the frist Monday of the month. Application must be  made starting from 1st of October to 30th of November. To apply, please click here.