We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

Training – ICT

St. Nicholas’ Home was the first in Malaysia to start computer education for the blind and visually impaired on the 1st of March 1993. This computer course was a major success which resulted in an official IT laboratory in 2005. The objectives of this course are to give the blind and visually impaired (BVIs) people the necessary computing skills and to increase the BVIs’ confidence and expertise in the IT field. We believe that by mastering IT, our trainees will be able to improve their academic performances, employment opportunities and career prospects in our increasingly IT driven world. Most importantly, we hope that our trainees will leverage on their IT knowledge, thus become a successful and positive contributor to our society and nation.


The main ICT course provided by St. Nicholas’ Home is The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) programme. This is an internationally recognized qualification where the trainees must sit for an exam after each module in order to get the certificate. We are offering 5 modules which are Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Spreadsheet, Word Processing and Presentation. We also offer IT Camp for primary and secondary schools’ students where the students are taught the basics of using computer. The syllabus for IT Camp might change; depend on the teachers’/students’ requirement. Besides that, we are offering a programming course such as HTML, Python and Linux, and Smart Phone usage depends on the requirement. We also develop an Online Learning platform for BVI students to get proper study resources 24/7 and to support resource teachers to be more effective.