We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight


Skill Development Centre is a rehabilitation centre that specially catered to the blind. Our main objective is to empower the blind or visually impaired (BVI) person on independent living and also to help the BVI to overcome any difficulties they encountered in their daily life. This training is provided to the BVI ranging from 16 years old until 60 years old. Our rehabilitation training is 6 months duration and it is based on the individual’s performance.


The training covers:


  1. Orientation & Mobility (O&M)










  1. Daily Living Skill (DLS)










  1. Basic Braille






















Skill Development Centre (SDC) also provides “Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)” on home based training to senior citizen. This CBR based on the need of an individual and the course is 6 month duration.


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Braille is the writing language for the blind in which characters are represented by pattern of raised dots. Blind will learn the braille using the brailler machine to write braille word and the instructor also teach them on how to read the braille word.  For the beginner, they will learn basic braille such as alphabet, symbols and numbers and simple word. Grade 2 braille which is on contraction (short form of word) will be taught too. However it depends on individual’s capabilities and progress. The lesson will be taught 3 times per week.

This is the course which focuses on the individuals who are blind or visually impaired to travel    through their environment in safe and effective way. This course include:

1) Orientation skill

2) Mobility skill

3) Basic sighted guide technique

4) White cane technique

1) Personal care and grooming

2) House chores

3) Kitchen activities

4) Social/moral value activity

Daily Living skill (DLS) teaches the blind to be independent in the daily living activities. Our courses include :