We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

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8 Value Principles & Strategic Directions

 8 value-based principles


We aimed to create awareness and capacity building and improving the quality of the service. Central to the strategic plan are 8 value-based principles that will be taken into consideration when formulating policies or developing services for blind and visually impaired persons:


1.In the Best Interest: respect their right to have their views and opinions taken into account in decisions affecting them

2.Family Centred: support and strengthens family relationships

3.Community-Focused: respond to the needs of the local community

4.Culturally Affirming: promote respect for cultural ad religious                                       diversity

5.Preventive: adopt an early intervention approach

6.Collaborative: work with others in collaboration and through                                  strategic partnerships

7.Evidence-Based: rely on up-to-date information and best practices

8.Consistent with the UN Policies on the Disabled: recognize human rights of disabled persons and support the key principles of these policies

In line with the 8 Value-Based Principles, 8 strategic directions for St. Nicholas’ Home have been identified:


Strategic Direction 1:      Preventing Blindness, Early Intervention                                         and Timely Support

Strategic Direction 2:      Enhancing Access to Information and                                             Resources

Strategic Direction 3:      Increasing Training and Employment                                             Opportunities

Strategic Direction 4:      Promoting Information, Communication                                           and Access Technology

Strategic Direction 5:      Responding to the Special Needs of                                               Children with Deaf-blindness and                                                   Multiple Disabilities

Strategic Direction 6:      Addressing Emerging Concerns of Older                                         Blind Person

Strategic Direction 7:      Developing People, Culture of Service                                             Excellence and Good Governance

Strategic Direction 8:      Ensuring Financial Sustainability and                                             Successful Resource Mobilization

Bird view of St Nicholas' Home