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About Us

As one of the social concern ministry under the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia, we are a non-profit and non-governmental charitable organization, which aims to respond to the evolving needs of blind and visually impaired (BVI) people in Malaysia, irrespective of their religion, race and background.

With increasing awareness of rapidly changing needs of the its BVI clients, St. Nicholas’ Home strives to help the blind and visually impaired of Malaysia to look beyond their current circumstances and prepare them with relevant and up-to-date training to lead a life full of potential and possibilities.

We believe that when blind and visually impaired persons are trained to improve the use of their other senses and learn new skills, they are able to overcome their visually impairment. Given proper training and opportunity, they learn to be more independent and their self-confidence will increase, which enable them to lead the same normal lives as their sighted peers.

St. Nicholas’ Home intends to breaking down more barriers and creating more awareness of the potential of the blind and visually impaired individuals as it works on partnering with various institutions and organizing both locally and abroad to explore and expand education, training and employment opportunities. We believe in helping BVI persons realise their full potential and enable them to live confidently and independently.

Our motto, “We walk by Faith, not by Sight” has been the driving force of St. Nicholas’ Home, Penang, since its inception in 1926 and it continues to inspire us to serve with humility and faith. We pray that through our service, we bring hope and the love of Christ to the blind and visually impaired and their family.