The TASKA Mission is to create equal learning opportunities for the vision impaired child at the Taska. It is for early childhood development meant to pave the way for the child to proceed to inclusive education in schools.

The TASKA  is very proud to have brought early childhood education to at least 9 vision impaired children since its inception and at least 3 girls have been accepted into the inclusive education programme of Taska and Tadika (kindergarten)

The TASKA  enrols children from ages two to seven. The Children are from the island as well as mainland.

At the TASKA  also parents and guardians of the children are given the opportunity to share and take up the learning activities of the children so that they are aware of the learning curve and at the same time, are able to help the children when they are at home. The TASKA believes that the learning process ought to be continued consistently even when the children are at home.

St. Nicholas Home made the effort to hold introductory braille classes for the guardians and parents of the TASKA children. Through the braille knowledge, the children do have an added advantage of being assisted and monitored.

Thought the TASKA communities have been developed and connected as parents have been given the opportunity to bring about St. Nicholas’ Home environment and experience back to their hometowns and neighbourhood, thus creating awareness among the stake holders and those close to them that there is hope for visually impaired if there is faith.

St. Nicholas’ Home wants to support and develop the education of the visually impaired. The TASKA is the first platform to begin with.




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