SNH Carnival 2014

June 28th, 2014 @



St. Nicholas’ Home is proud to once again hold the 2014 edition of St. Nicholas’ Home Carnival on 6 September 2014, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 our premises. As always, we are grateful that caring Malaysians, communities and kind hearts out there have rendered admirable support to our cause all these years. The Home’s food carnival has become a key component in our annual fund-raising strategy because of encouraging participation from the public. 

We hope that we will be blessed to have the support from all of you. There are four ways you can help make this carnival a roaring success and eventually bring blessings to our blind ones:

  • Buy our carnival coupons (RM20 each),
  • Promote our carnival coupons to your friends and family,
  • Set up your own food stall on carnival day. Come join the fun!
  • Or sponsor a food stall at RM500.

This is a charity event and all proceeds from sales at the carnival will go towards sustaining our programmes to serve the blind better. Coming together at the carnival for an act of charity is certainly the highlight. Coming together will also raise awareness among participants on the various needs of the sight-challenged community and promote civic consciousness. Coming together in the Malaysian muhibbah spirit will be good fun for all involved too.

For more information on the carnival or how to get the coupons, please call 04 – 2290800 or email us at .


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