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Braille Production

Braille is a point system of writing or printing in which patterns of raised dots represent letters and numerals that can be read by touch. Printed materials received in hard- or soft-copy format are converted into Braille for the use of print-disabled individuals. A Braille translation software capable of printed text into Braille codes for many languages is the main tool used in the production of Braille materials in English and Malay. The Braille printer (embosser) has been in use here for the past 25 years but some Braille materials such as Braille labels and short notes are still being produced using more manual tools such as the Perkins Brailler and the Braille hand-frame. The Perkins Brailler is the main tool used in the teaching of Braille to trainees.

Computerised brailling of materials also include production of embossed diagrams, particularly in the production of tactile maps, diagrams for Mathematics and the study of Statistics. Volunteers who has given much of their time to key-in text from printed materials have been of great help to the work of this unit. To apply the service, click here.