Online Donation through Global Giving

If you wish to help the deaf, blind and multi-handicapped children of St Nicholas’ Home Penang, you can read more about our project on Global Giving and contribute through online donation.

The project called “Equip Deafblind Children with Skills for Life!” will support free on-site and residential training for the St Nicholas’ Home blind children with multiple disabilities from age 0 – 18. The training provided includes daily living skills, motor skills, orientation and mobility training, communication and social skills, relevant academic and functional skills and pre-vocational skills. These skills will equip our children to live life to the fullest!

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This year, we have also introduced a new project called, “Educating young blind children for a better future”. This Early Intervention Programme is a home-based programme where our coordinator and teachers visit and help babies and young blind children with visual impairment who face considerable risks developmentally. The EIP provides them with learning & developmental skills. In addition, EIP also extends support and counselling to the parents to help cope with the trauma, emotions and challenges of caring for their children.

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So, here’s your chance to help a child in need! Thank you for your support and generosity!!


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