Wish List

Help us make our wishes come true! Here are a list of items that you can contribute to our Home:

Wishlist / Donation

No. Item Qty Requested
1 Dryer Machine (12kg) 1 unit
2 Heavy Duty Washing Machine (12kg) 1 unit
3 Trampoline with handle (1 big, 1 small) 2 units
4 Classroom Study Tables/ Wooden Chairs 20 units
Children and Adult size tables
5 Children’s School Uniform-Long Navy Blue Pants 30 pairs
White Collar T-Shirt
6 Car GPS Tracking device with mini screen 1 unit
7 Digital HD Camera- Canon EOS 700D DSLR Camera 3 unit
8 Karcher K3500 Pressure Washer Water Jet (or equivalent) 1 unit
9 Two-Step Folding Plastic Step Stool 1 unit
10 Recliner chair for Foot Reflexology 4 units
11 Bagged wet vacuum cleaner (with wet drum capacity within 20 Litre) 1 unit
12 Wooden Display Shelves (4′ x 5′) 1 unit
13 Desktops                                                                          Specs: Dell Optiplex 3020, Intel Core i5, 2GB, Integrated Graphics, 500GB Sata HDD, 22″ Monitors, Windows 7 Professional 32bit or its equivalent 20 units
14 Laptops                                                                                     Specs: Dell Latitude 14 3000, Intel Core i5, 2GB, 500GB HDD, Windows 7 Professional 32bit or its equivalent  10 units
15 Thumb Drive (32GB SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0) 20 units

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