Nicky, the tapir!

November 22nd, 2012 @   -  2 Comments
One of the goals of St. Nicholas’ Home (SNH) is to be recognized as a multi-service institution catering to the visually-impaired community in Malaysia. To get a bit closer to this goal we would like to introduce to you the mascot of St. Nicholas’ Home, Nicky the Tapir. This animal is a distinctive species from the Malay Archipelago and has poor vision with very good olfactory and hearing skills.

The name Nicky refers to St. Nicholas’ Home. Our goal is that whenever someone in Malaysia and maybe in the future other countries see our mascot, they immediately know that it is the mascot of St. Nicholas’ Home, a multi-service institution catering to the visually-impaired community in Malaysia.

The tapir is a very independent animal and being independent and confident is something that we incorporate in our training and rehabilitation to our blind and visually impaired trainees. In addition to being independent, the Tapir is also an athletic animal despite its chubby and cute appearance. Just like our trainees here at SNH, the Tapir is an animal that teaches us not to judge a book by its cover as we have even had some of our former trainees scale Mount Kinabalu!

The tapir truly personifies the vision of a mascot for St Nicholas’ Home Penang and as we introduce Nicky to the world, let this be a new journey towards making St Nicholas’ Home known to the public!

All ready for the revelation!


SNH's new mascot - NICKY!

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  1. David Hathaway

    5 years ago

    Hi. Do you have a Nicky logo for your website? If not, you might want to think about including one.


    • RD

      5 years ago

      Hi David Hathaway,

      Yes we do have a picture the Nicky logo on the website but we will include it on the other sections of the website as well. Thank you!

      SNH Team


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