Year 1 – 10
St. Nicholas’s Home in Malacca at the year 1926

St. Nicholas’s Home in Malacca at the year 1926

Their own homes were unsuitable or their parents do not want them in their homes. It was found that this arrangement was not good and these children needed a home of their own apart from the hospital. The first home was held under the care of Miss May Satchell which was located in Klabang, Malacca which was officially launched by the Councilor of Malacca.

1931 – The Home moved with 16 children to Scotland Road, Penang because the Medical Mission in Malacca had too much to handle.

Year 11 – 20

1938 – A generous gift from Lord Nuffield enabled St. Nicholas’ Home to buy six acres at Bagan Jermal Road and to make necessary alterations to the existing buildings, and that has been the place since then.

1941 – The Management decided to concentrate on education for the blind, regardless of race and creed in Malaysia. Therefore,  a kindergarten for 28 blind children was started. Thus, St. Nicholas’ Home became the first institution in Malaysia to educate and rehabilitate the blind people.

Year 21 – 30

Front view of S. Nicholas’ Home in 1950s

Front view of S. Nicholas’ Home in 1950s

1952 – Three classrooms were built to cater the increasing intake of children. At this stage,  it was realized that if the children were to receive permanent benefit, the emphasis must be on education.

1954 – A 10 year plan was formulated to build more accommodation and increase facilities.  However, this was completed in 3 years by a very generous grant through the Social and Welfare Lotteries Board.

Year 31 – 40

1959- The enrollment increase to 74 children that year, with a completed Primary School for the blind which was in session.

1960- An experiment was initiated to integrate four blind pupils in sighted secondary schools.  The Integrated Program was adopted two years later on a national level by the Ministry of Education.  As a result, many Ex-Nicolites got the opportunity to attend University and are even employed as professionals. The Ministry of Education began to recognize the school and gradually provided financial assistance on a more regular and generous basis. Meanwhile, the Home started many other programs to meet the needs of the blind of all ages, races, creeds and walks of life in Malaysia.

1964- An adjacent block of semi-detached houses was bought for an Occupation Center for Blind Women.  It now caters for men as well.

Year 41 – 50

1967- The Board embarked on a Development Plan.

1969- Work began on the buildings with the laying of the Foundation Stone on 29th December by Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman, the First Prime Minister of Malaysia, who had generously promised a Government grant of up to RM200, 000 on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

1970- Full time Aftercare Service was implemented. A few years earlier, it was carried out on a part time basis.

1973- Local and International support produced a further RM250, 000 which enabled the new complex to be declared open by the Governor of Penang, Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah on the 6th of November. Included in the additional facilities is a Talking Book Library.

Year 50 – 60

1975- Under the care of an Ex-Nicolite, Yusoff bin Abdul Rahman (partly sighted), the Rural Training program was introduced.

1976- The Lions Club of Georgetown built a Swimming Pool with a paddling pool.

1979- The workshop for blind adults started.

1981- The Pilot project for the New Curriculum for Primary Schools was carried out by St. Nicholas. This was also the year the Low Vision Centre begin.

1985- The Newscast program started.

1986- The Rehabilitation Service for the rural blind in Kedah was launched

Year 61 – 70

1986- The Rehabilitation Service for the rural blind in Kedah was launched.

1989- Under the chairmanship of Y. Bhg. Datin Lucy Arulanandom, RM40, 000 was raised through a Walkathon.

1993- On the 1st of March, Computer Education for the blind was started.  On the 15th of May the same year the Eye-Donation Scheme was launched.

Year 71– 80

1996- The Deaf/Blind Program started with the support of Hilton Perkins USA

1997- On the 30th of April, the primary school which was fully sponsored by the Ministry of Education moved to a new premise at Alma, Bukit Mertajam.  The Deaf/Blind Program became a residential program with 7 children.

1998- The Vision and Mission Statement was adopted.

1999- Computer Education was upgraded with the donation of 15 computers and software by the Rotary Club of Tanjong Bungah.

2002- The beginning of the Massage Training Centre with 2 instructors and 12 trainees.

2003- The first family camp for deaf/blind and multi-handicapped children with the theme “One Voice One Vision” was launched by Y.B. Dato’ Dr. K. Rajapathy.  Also launched was the 5-year Strategic Plan for the Home.

2004- A Team Building Workshop was conducted for the first time for 2 days in November by Asia Works which were fully sponsored by the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation.

2005- Jabatan Kebajikan donated 35 braillers and 80 white canes on 29th October which was  officially presented by former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi. The Samsung Eyes IT Laboratory sponsored by a USD 50,000 grant from Samsung Malaysia (M) Bhd. was officially officiated by former Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Khoon on the 8th of December.

Year 81– 90

St. Nicholas’s Home at the current location

St. Nicholas’s Home at the current location.

2006- St. Nicholas’ Home celebrates its     80th anniversary by creating an     Anniversary Magazine.

2010- St. Nicholas’ Home’s Low Vision was   revamped and officially launched on 13th   May. On 24th July St. Nicholas’ Home was   certified ISO 9001-2008 for quality in   training services for the blind and visually   impaired. In 20th November St. Nicholas’   Home Open Air Sculpture Gallery was launched.