Audio Production

Audio Production Unit is a unit responsible for producing audio books for the library whether in CDs or cassette. Audio Production Unit helps to produce Newscast which are weekly recording news recording of English which are available on subscription; Audio magazine recording of selected periodicals in cassette form; Audio books which are produce in English and Malay language for the library and also audio transcription service which are available when requested.

Newscast consists of four hour recording of news and articles selected from newspapers and magazines from the preceding week. It is produce dispatch every week to our subscribers throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The demand for Newscast has been declining in recent years as blind people are now able to access news online more readily. Therefore after, consulting our subscribers we decide to end the service. Newscast provided news to blind people throughout Malaysia for more than 25 years before the final issue, number 1200 in November 2010.

Daisy Project Unit

Daisy stands for Digital Accessible Information System. It is a special format comprising print text and audio that allows for easy navigation by blind and handicapped people using a Daisy player, computer or a MP3 player. With the support of the National Council for the Blind Malaysia, we embarked on the project to convert these talking-books from analogue to DAISY format to promote more affordable accessibility. Currently the Library has 929 talking-books in English and 268 talking- books in Malay on approximately 12,000 cassettes.

Library Braille Production Unit Brailler Repair