Pastry Training Centre

 “God lets everything happen for a reason. It’s all a learning process and you have to go from one level to another”

~Mike Tyson~

One of the main objectives of this center is to equip the partially blind with the skills and techniques in pastry making to enable them to venture into their own baking business. The center also produces healthy pastries that are free from any added or artificial preservatives. One of the trainee’s goals is to set up a Bakery Corner at the Home to market their pastries, under the St. Nicholas’ Home name. The trainees will have the opportunity to learn how to bake different types of bread, cookies, cakes, tarts, pizzas, doughnuts and muffins. In addition, they will also learn about kitchen organization and cleanliness, as well as simple book-keeping and marketing methods.

This is a brief course outline:

Level 1

The trainees will learn the basic skills of baking and how to make Butter cake, Margarine Cake and Cookies. The duration for Level 1 is at least one month.

Level 2

For level 2, the trainees will learn intermediate techniques in baking. They will learn to bake products such as White Bread, Wholemeal Bread and Pastries. The duration for Level 2 is about two months.

Level 3

In level 3, the trainees will graduate to more advanced techniques. They will learn how to make Pizza, Cheese cakes and other cakes as well. The duration of this level is 3 months.

The entire course duration is from January to June as well as from July to December.