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Job Placement

Job Placement (JP) unit concentrates on getting job opportunities for unemployed blind and visually-impaired (BVI) candidates in various fields and in various organizations, depends on individual’s capabilities and also meeting the requirements of the recruiters.

JP candidates must apply and registered with JP Officer at St. Nicholas’ Home with submission of relevant documents. JP Officer will prepare the resume after interviewing the candidate.

JP Officer will sort out the candidate potential and suitability for job vacancies availability. Once the interview appointment is secure, JP Officer will conduct mock interview prior to the appointment, advice on personal grooming and social etiquette, arrange transportation and accompany the interviewee to interview.

Orientation and mobility (O&M) and job coaching will be conducted to assist the new BVI employees to familiarize themselves on new environment and familiarize with the tasks assigned to them.

So far, we placed the blind and visually-impaired (BVI)in theme park, hospital, hotels, “kopi thiam”, factory, fast-food and the list still added on in various vacancies such as Laundry Porter, Steward, Commis in pastry department, Kitchen Crew, Front Office Staff, Serving Staff and many more.

Hence, we appreciate and grateful to the employers for looking into their employees’ abilities rather than disability. We hope more employers will give the opportunity to BVI to earn sustainable income towards dignified and independent living.To apply, please click here.