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Online Learning Resource

Education is the best way to assure fair and equal opportunity in life for vision impaired (VI) people of Malaysia. St. Nicholas’ Home, Penang who has a long history of caring for the blind and visually impaired people in Malaysia has develop and deploys a cloud/web based resource sharing platform for educational materials accessible to vision impaired students.

This programme will also allow resource teachers to share braille and printed study notes online so that they can redirect their time towards tutoring the visually impaired students under their charge. The aim for this programme is to support visual impaired students to improve their academic result. The content in this programme are the academic notes, exercises, exam papers and reading materials such as novels and story books.

The Online Learning Resource Programme can be access through https://vle.snh.org.my. Users might need to register with St. Nicholas’ Home to get user login in order to use this website. There are rules and regulations set by St. Nicholas’ Home that the user might need to follow once registered and users must respect the intellectual property of the materials made available by all users and other users of the portal.