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Smart Phone

he invention and popularity of smartphones has dramatically changed the way people communicate and gain information. With the growing speed of technological advancement, Smart phones have become the essential components of our daily performance.

 Smart phones today can do almost everything. It is use as a medium for communication, taking photos and videos, sending text messages, entertainment, maps, navigation, and travel, online Banking and Finance, Address Book and Contacts, Learning and Research and many more.

St. Nicholas’ Home, Penang offers a Smartphones Workshop by using the syllabus according to the needs of the visually impaired person. Participants may learn from the basic knowledge of smartphone such as setting the screen reader/talkback, learning the ways to operate the phone by using the screen reader, typing messages, making a call, until the advance usage of the phone such as installing an application, booking transportation, playing games, using the navigations and many more in order to fully utilized the phone.

All of the modules will be conducted by an experienced and certified IT Instructors within 1 to 3 days depend on the participants’ requirement. Application can be made through sco@snh.org.my.