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playground of the taska

taska classroom

teacher playing with children


TASKA ST NICHOLAS was built in year 2014.TASKA SNH provides DAY-CARE service to the children with visual impairment. We take in children from age 3 to 6 year old. Children with Totally blind and partially blind. The children stays in TASKA from morning 9.00 to 4.30 (DAY CARE). Our staffs are trained in house by the centre’s tutorand also attend KAP(Kursus Asuhan Permata) .This is holistic programme to help the children with visual impairment develop to theire fullest potential.

We focus our effort to equip the children with living skills
Self help skill –

  1. eating and drinking on their own.
  2. dressing( wearing clothes,sock and shoes ).
  3. take care of their belonging.
  4. toileting dan bathing .

Mobility- able to moving around their own.

We also work on developing their gross and fine motor skill. We engaged the children with activity in both outdoor and indoor exercises.Our curricullum also cover’s including Braille numbers, Braille alphabet, Matematic, Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Culture ,Music and movement.