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When blind and visually impaired persons are trained to improve the use of their other senses and learn new skills, they are able to handle their visually impairment. Given proper training and opportunity, they learn to be more independent and their self-confidence will increase, which enable them to lead a life of dignity and fulfilment enjoyed by their sighted peers.

With increasing awareness of rapidly changing needs of the its BVI clients, St. Nicholas’ Home strives to help the blind and visually impaired of Malaysia to look beyond their current circumstances and prepare them with relevant and up-to-date training to lead a life full of potential and possibilities.

St. Nicholas’ Home looks forward to breaking down more barriers and creating more awareness of the potential of the blind and visually impaired individuals as it works on partnering with various institutions and organizing both locally and abroad to explore and expand education, training and employment opportunities.

St. Nicholas’ Home offers the following trainings for eligible BVIs:

  •  Rehabilitative training i.e. independent living skills, orientation and mobility skills, social and communication skill
  • Vocational training and employment assistance, i.e. Massage skills, handicraft and pastry making.
  • Information Technology (IT) Training, i.e. Computer for Beginners, Digital Literacy and Competencies, Programming (Coding), Smartphone Workshop and Server Administration.