Low Vision Centre

Low Vision Centre

St. Nicholas’ Home Low Vision Centre was revamped and officially launched on 13th May 2010. This Centre provides an efficient Low Vision service to the visually impaired that still has a residual vision. The Centre was made possible by the funding from CIMB Foundation. The Low Vision Centre is now operated to promote and create greater public awareness, a better understanding of Low Vision and to start special programs and training to encourage people with low vision to maximize the use of their own residual vision and to help them to see well.

The Low Vision Centre is well equipped with the latest devices on optical and non-optical aid which is to attract new clients who are referred to our Low Vision Center by ophthalmologist from the government as well as private to undergo visual rehabilitation after examination, diagnosis and necessary treatment that have been carried out there.

With the effect from November 2010, the Low Vision Centre works closely with the Penang General Hospital’ s Eye Unit, where Two Optometrists from the hospital was assigned to the Low Vision Centre twice a month on Fridays to conduct clinical sessions for our clients on vision assessment and prescription of Low Visual aids.

In the Low Vision Center, a basic assessment of visual functioning with regards to the environmental factors affecting their vision is carried out and appropriate rehabilitation training including support services and counseling provided as described below:
• Optical and non-optical low vision devices are tried and prescribed
• Suggestion and advice on their living environment are given based on individual
• Referrals are made for further follow–up action on training to enrich their lives to enable them to lead an independent and active lifestyle
• To counsel and encourage them maximize the use of their residual vision

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