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Our team of professionals with visual impairment are certified in the field of wellness by the National Vocational Training Council. Through specialized massage, shiatsu (traditional Japanese massage) and foot reflexology, we can help you achieve your healthy lifetime goals, all in a relaxing and therapeutic setting.

Being sightless, out therapists possess abilities and reflexes that are naturally focused to spot and ease nerves and muscles on the physical human frame by sheer precision and sensitivity of touch.


Business Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday from

11 am to 7 pm

Closed on Monday

Services  Duration  Single session   (RM) Services  Duration  Single session (RM)
A) Full Body Massage 90 min 55 F) Shiatsu 60 min 50
B) Chair Massage 30 min 25 G) Therapeutic Head Massage 30 min 25
C) Foot Reflex 60 min 38 H) Therapeutic Head Massage & 120 min 80
D) Alpha Care (a+b+c) / 118 Full Body Massage
E) Chair Massage & Foot   Reflex 90 min 63 I) Head Massage & Foot Reflex 90 min 63
J) Acupuncture 60 min 50

Ask for our service list at the Wellness center to see all our services.

You can book a service by calling the Wellness Centre,04-229 7560, or to email to SEED@snh.org.my

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