Below you will find a list of different types of cookies which are made by our trainees. If you would like to place an order please call St. Nicholas’ Home or email to By confirmation of the order a delivery date will be given.

When you place your order by email, please use the order form.

Order form Cookies


No Items U.Price
1 Pineapple Tarts 15.00
2 Green Pea Cookies 14.00
3 Peanut Cookies 12.00
4 Butter Cookies 12.00
5 Cornflakes Cookies 12.00
6 Chocolate Cookies 12.00
7 Orange Cookies 12.00
8 Almond London 15.00
9 Coconut Crunck 12.00


Part of the proceeds from the sale of the cookies will be given to the trainees at the pastry training centre

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