Information Technology

The International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

What is ICDL?

ICDL is an internationally recognized qualification in IT skills, certifying to a set standard the skills people already have, or the skills they attain through training.

ICDL is the world’s leading end-user computer skills certification program. It is internationally recognized as the global benchmark for end-user computer skills and is the leading certification recognized by governments, international organizations and corporations.

ICDL certifies that the holder is fully competent in the use of a personal computer and common computer applications, and knows the essential concepts of IT.

The ICDL syllabus is entirely vendor-independent. This means that the same syllabus could be used with Windows and Microsoft Office, or Ubuntu Linux and Open Office. A copy of the syllabus can be found on this website.

To attain an ICDL qualification, you must successfully complete a test in all of the following seven modules of computer skills:

  • Module 1 – Concepts of Information Technology (IT)
  • Module 2 – Using the Computer and Managing Files
  • Module 3 – Word Processing
  • Module 4 – Spreadsheets
  • Module 5 – Database
  • Module 6 – Presentation
  • Module 7 – Information and Communication

Benefits for Candidates

  • Increases essential ICT knowledge and skills
  • Increases confidence in computer use
  • Provides an internationally recognized qualification
  • Improves job prospects and job mobility
  • Provides a platform from which to move on to higher level ICT education

Benefits for Employers

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces costs
  • Increases the quality of employee output
  • Reduces time wasted
  • Makes better use of ICT resources
  • Provides a better return on ICT investment

Computer Programming

St. Nicholas’ Home Penang was the first organization in Malaysia to offer the internationally recognized ICDL syllabus to the blind and low vision community. Now we offer another revolutionary training course: computer programming for beginners.

Learn how to write computer programs using Python, a language designed for rapid development. Python makes a great first language to learn: Unlike languages designed specifically for beginners, it is also the choice of many programming professionals. It has an active, growing user community, and many of the world’s most influential IT companies already use it.

Have you ever searched the Internet with Google? If so, then you have already used a Python program. Google uses Python to search the Internet and store information about the pages which it finds. Some other organizations which use Python are the New York Stock Exchange, the Reuters news agency, Yahoo Groups, and the US National Weather Service.

St. Nicholas’ Home’s Python course is based upon the programming classes offered by the W3C web consortium, which offers qualifications in web development technologies and web page design.

Internet Marketing

Let St. Nicholas’ Home Penang show you how to make money using the Internet. All a blind or low vision person needs to run a successful business on the Internet are the following things:

  • A good product or idea
  • An Internet connection
  • A computer
  • A screen reader
  • Passion and commitment

We will show you how to write a web page, how to subscribe to Internet-based advertising programs like Google’s Adsense, how to market your idea, and how to bring your profits home to Malaysia.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take this unique course in entrepreneurship, especially designed for blind and low-vision students.

Cisco ITE1

From 2012, St. Nicholas’ Home Penang will offer the internationally recognized Cisco foundation course, ITE1.

This course is the foundation level of Cisco’s certified network associate qualification (CCNA), and is the first step on the path to a career in network administration.

St. Nicholas’ Home will offer this course in partnership with Curtin University Center for Accessible Technology, based at Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

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