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Vocational Training - Pastry

Vocational Training - Massage

Vocational Training

xploring the unknown and walking in darkness, navigating using white cane to feel different textures, detecting obstacles, crossing the road and many other skills are available to the BVI trainees in the rehabilitation centre to equip them towards independent living.

Other vocational training courses such as massage, pastry, basketry and IT are provided to trainees who are keen to acquire new skills to enable them to explore job opportunities as well as to engage themselves in certain enterprises.

Through employment or engagement in their own enterprise, they should be able to secure a sustainable income and empowered themselves with a sense of self-accomplishment; supporting themselves and their loved ones with dignity.

English language, learning new apps on phone, personal etiquette and socializing with the society will further boast their personal confidence. Social gatherings, excursion trips, outdoor activities and talks are some of the activities in line up during the training period which we have two intakes a year; January and July.

Upon completion of training, some of the massage trainees are being offered an employment as masseurs, not only in Penang but as far as in Brunei. The fact that some of them working as instructors in training centre, self-employed running a massage centre in their hometown, working as entrepreneur and masseurs throughout Malaysia. They ever ventured their business into hospital, market place and college. Masseurs are always in demand and sought by massage centres and spa.