A Farewell to Bishop Charles

18 December 2020 (Friday) – The Chairman of Board of Directors, St. Nicholas’ Home, Rt. Rev. Dato’ Charles K. Samuel, servicing the blinds from SNH in total of 9 years (since year 2011), going to enjoy his retirement next year. “After climbing the mountain, he can finally enjoy the view.” Welcome to retired life, Bishop Charles!

A farewell party was organized and held at SNH’s Tunku Hall. The retirement ceremony starts at 11 o’ clock sharp in the morning after the arrival of all the invited guests, Bishop Charles, board members, general manager, head of departments, and senior citizen of SNH.

It is natural to feel sad, but SNH always find a way to cheer everyone up. Each of the departments from SNH had recorded a short farewell video to capture the memorable thank you words and faces while saying Good Bye to Bishop Charles. This video was presented after an opening speech by SNH General Manager, David Chiang.

Bishop Charles was invited to present a short farewell speech making the event even more memorable for every attendant. As a token of gratitude, SNH had prepared a gift and celebrating the end of his brilliant contributions with a delicious hand-crafted retirement cake.

Lastly, special thanks to our SNH kitchen team, we were able to enjoy a grand farewell lunch with Bishop Charles and the function ends at 1pm.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Bishop Charles. Although this might be the end of his chapter in St. Nicholas’ Home, it definitely signals the start of a new one in his life. We will always pray for his well-being and happiness in life.

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