AKPK CSR Project with St. Nicholas’ Home 2022

16 July 2022 – We are honoured to have our guest from AKPK Bank Negara with us this morning to educate us on the importance of financial education especially for our visually impaired. The increase in the cost of living has once again become a hot topic. The public is burdened with growing concerns over the shortage of chicken supply, along with the rising prices of essential goods whilst e-hailing companies hike their fares. Therefore, it is crucial to be financially educated to make sound financial decisions.

Visually impaired community need the same financial knowledge and skills —to manage money, create a budget, effectively use banks, handle debt, and utilize credit. Individuals who receive public benefits may also need to understand the impact of increasing their income or assets on their benefits.

 In addition, the aim of this CSR project was to provide an exposure to AKPK’s staff about the training and services available at St. Nicholas’ Home. This gave an opportunity for St. Nicholas’ Home’s staff and trainees to interact with the AKPK’s staff through various exciting games and activities. We started with the sighted guide activity where AKPK’s staff were taught using the correct methods on how to guide the blind and vision impaired. They also learned to use a white cane and shown the ways walking up or down the stairs  with the white cane. During the rest of the activities, all of them were divided into few groups for various games. Some interesting games include identifying animal sounds, understanding fine motor and gross motor skills, identifying different textures and senses stimulation.

This CSR event was successful and benefited everyone in many ways. St. Nicholas’ Home’s participants gained knowledge in financial management while AKPK’s participants better understood the blind and vision impaired.  A big thanks to AKPK for willing to spend their precious time with us.

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