Audee Cheah Home Chef Charity Food Drive

We appreciated that we have Chef Audee Cheah – The President of Penang Chefs Association giving up his valuable time hosting a food drive charity event at St. Nicholas’ Home on 3rd of October 2020.

He creates a fun and effective ways to raise money while indulging his love of food. Audee offer his service as a professional chef with home-cooked meal selling online for fundraising. People with pre-ordered from website will come and drive-thru collect their meal and the fund raised will donate 100% of profits to St. Nicholas’ Home. This event also helps promote SNH’s Pastry baked goods such as cookies, tarts and buns bake by our BVI (Blind and Visually Impaired) work programmes and trainees. On behalf of St. Nicholas’ Home, I would like to thank Chef Audee Cheah for his contribution and kind-hearted.

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