Fire Drill Training

We held a fire drill training on August 28, 2020. Special thanks to local fire brigade from Bagan Jermal make a visit to our Home and brief us about the nearest fire station and contact number to call during emergencies. Ms Siti Nor representing our home introduce the firefighter about the condition, places as well as different buildings of our home. 

The Fire Drill practice and educate on how we should evacuate from St. Nicholas’ buildings and move to assigned assembly point in the event of a fire or other emergencies. When our fire alarm system is activated, all of us including children, senior citizen, staff and trainee starts to evacuate the buildings and each of us were clearly aware of the nearest available exit. 

For another step of fire protection, we also learned and demonstrated on the use of fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher can be small but important part of the home fire safety plan. It can save lives and buildings by avoiding the fire spreads through our home.

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