Island Plaza Mini Charity Sale

12 September 2020 – It was happy to see large crowd of people coming to Island Plaza to support St. Nicholas’ Home Mini Charity Sales. For us, charity event don’t just raise awareness and fund, but a good way to showcase the hard work done by our blind and visually impaired (BVI) trainees and work programme. 

Selling baked goods at an event are the easiest way to attract visitor, we set up a table and display some delicious cookies baked by our BVI trainees. Besides food and snack, creative handmade items are one of our favourite stall. We displayed variety of beautiful handicraft rattan baskets and each of them are unique because it consists of the time, energy and most importantly – heart from the blind.  Besides selling goods, a corner to demonstrate refreshing foot reflexology is the best way to serve our visitor to the height of relaxation as well as promoting SNH Wellness Centre. 

At the end of the day, we all are enjoy and had fun throughout the event. Thank you Island Plaza Mall provided such strategic location and special thanks to our supporters and public who contributed to the Home.

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