Project Description

IRC Audio Production

Talking Books (recorded reading of books designed for use by print-disabled individuals) have been produced by St. Nicholas’ Home since 1974, making SNH the first in this nation to launch a talking books library.

From a humble beginning with talking books stored on reels, SNH is now offering digital accessible talking books where print-disabled individuals are able to navigate a book chapter by chapter with ease.

Volunteer readers play a major role in the production of talking books. We look forward to welcoming more volunteer readers to record talking books.

1st National Braille Library

Donated in 2019

Annual Month of Giving

St Nicholas’ Home, Penang is a non-profit charitable organization, which aims to respond to the evolving needs of blind and visually impaired (BVI) community in Malaysia, irrespective of their religion, race and background.


Your support is like a shining beacon amidst these dark times, brightening our community’s lives. Some of us might not be able to see, but we definitely felt your love and kindness through it all.