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St. Nicholas’ Home was the first in Malaysia to start computer education for the blind and visually impaired on the 1st of March 1993. This computer course was a major success which resulted in an official IT laboratory in 2005.

The objectives of this course are to give the blind and visually impaired (BVIs) people the necessary computing skills and to increase the BVIs’ confidence and expertise in the IT field. We believe that by mastering IT, our trainees will be able to improve their academic performances, employment opportunities, and career prospects in our increasingly IT-driven world.

Most importantly through the master of IT skills, the blind and visually-impaired could access information more easily, thus become a successful and positive contributor to our society and nation.

January intake provides a 4-month course for secondary school graduates to learn computing skills, while from July to October advanced courses are offered for the trainees. From October till the end of the year, IT boot camps are customized for BVI students and employees who wish to upgrade their IT skills.

Starting from the year 2020, Microsoft Digital Skill which is certified by Microsoft replaces ICDL as the main course module. Microsoft Digital Skill certifies that the holder is fully competent in the use of a personal computer and computer applications, and knows the essential concepts of IT.

Other modules included are Unix/Linux Server Administration Training Course, Workshop on HTML and Smart Phone (Android and Apple), Microsoft Office (Words, Excel and Power Point), Internet Searching and downloading.

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St Nicholas’ Home, Penang is a non-profit charitable organization, which aims to respond to the evolving needs of blind and visually impaired (BVI) community in Malaysia, irrespective of their religion, race and background.


Your support is like a shining beacon amidst these dark times, brightening our community’s lives. Some of us might not be able to see, but we definitely felt your love and kindness through it all.