Project Description

Senior Citizens’ Centre

In August 1995, SENIOR CITIZENS’ CENTRE was set up within the premises of St. Nicholas’ Home to cater for the growing number of elderly and visually challenged individuals above 60 years old.

The primary aim of the centre is to take care of their welfare and to provide personal quality care where they can continue to lead a happy, independent and meaningful life.

The centre has warden assistants to attend to their daily needs. Our staffs will chaperon them to functions, outings and also hospital for their regular medical check-ups. There are also a variety of planned social and recreational activities to enrich their quality life.

Currently there are 7 senior citizens in this centre. Here at St. Nicholas Home, we strive our best to ensure that they are being taken good care of and are comfortable for the rest of their remaining years.

Senior Citizens
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Annual Month of Giving

St Nicholas’ Home, Penang is a non-profit charitable organization, which aims to respond to the evolving needs of blind and visually impaired (BVI) community in Malaysia, irrespective of their religion, race and background.


Your support is like a shining beacon amidst these dark times, brightening our community’s lives. Some of us might not be able to see, but we definitely felt your love and kindness through it all.