Premier Cereal Visit SNH

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives in many ways, especially to the blind and visually impaired from St. Nicholas’ Home. Premier Cereal make a different of their CSR program by ensuring SNH get access to nutrition while supporting hunger relief.

On 23 December 2020 (Wednesday), our generous donor, Premier Cereal paid a visit to St. Nicholas’ Home. The visit was led by Mr Lee Wen Sheng, one of the executives of Chobe Master. In the Spirit of Christmas, Lee and his team bought 96 sets of Christmas gifts and delivers to all staffs and citizens of SNH.

Each of the staffs and citizens were gifted the company’s latest product, named Chobe Supergo-Instant Brown Rice Drink. It is a replacement meal that provides various nutrition. The staffs are given four flavour choices to choose from: Black Sesame, Honey, Chocolate and Kurma. The staffs and citizens are delighted with the gifts.

Lee and his team are passionate about the Home, we had given them a tour around SNH and they were so kind to have a Live Stream at their Facebook to signal boost and get public awareness about the blind home and difficulties that we are facing.

St. Nicholas’ Home would like to thank Premier Cereal for this visit and the gifts and joy that they had bought to us. To purchase Chobe Supergo products, please proceed to shopping malls, pharmacies or order from their website at

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