SNH Graduation Day 2020

SNH Graduation Day 2020 – is always a special day for all the teachers and trainees as it signifies the culmination of many hard works and receive an academic certificate upon completion of course in the year of 2020.

To make it significant, at SNH we celebrate with fun, simple, but very memorable graduation. The programme begins with our Malaysia National Anthem – Negaraku song present by all the attendees. All graduates wearing their favourite outfit, attending their graduation ceremony at SNH Tunku Hall.

Graduates are sitting at the round table, and enjoy the stage performance. This event is wonderful photo opportunity to capture the joy and excitement of the day. We are really proud to have 23 graduates today, earning the certificate of Skill Development Centre (SDC), IT, Basketry, Pastry, and most importantly, 4 graduates awarded the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) with the completion of Sistem Latihan Dua National (SLDN) training.

We ended our celebration with lunch prepared by SNH at dining hall. It was a special and momentous day at SNH to both the teachers and trainees.

Graduation – is a time to celebrate new beginnings and say goodbye to everything that has given you a reason to smile. It is warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.

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