Sport Day St. Nicholas’ Home 2022

23 June 2022 – Sports Day 2022 finally has a fresh change of pace after two years of gap without this annual event due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It highlights the values of teamwork and sportsmanship among our trainees, staff, work programs and also volunteers that were involved on that day. 

All of the participants were divided into three groups, mainly Green, Blue and Red teams with the “SUPER HERO” theme this year. Each team showed an incredible level of creativity in decorating each of their tents. There were two medical teams that were involved in case of any injuries or medical support by the students of UiTM Arau and Tejani Medical Clinic. 

The Sports Day 2022 committee wanted all the participants to participate and enjoy themselves while involved in their respective events. Furthermore, there were also a few events that the committee members and the volunteers could participate in. The most important objective was that everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves on the field and I would say the Sport Day 2022 did just that. The Blue team became the overall winner and received the overall champion trophy. A big congratulations to the Blue team!

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