UNIQLO Penang Gurney Visited St. Nicholas’ Home  

On this balmy day, UNIQLO Penang Gurney graced us with their presence and presents at St. Nicholas’ Home. Dressed in sleek and chic outfits, they proved that looking good while doing good is still possible even during a pandemic.

Our visitors from UNIQLO Penang Gurney brought fresh fruits and essential kitchen ingredients, alleviating the burdens faced by our kitchen crew. Our staff took them on a tour around the Home, showing parts of our residents’ daily lives and how they move about in the training centres. Before they left, a group photo was taken to commemorate this blessed occasion.

On behalf of St. Nicholas’ Home, we would also like to thank UNIQLO Penang Gurney for taking us into consideration as their long-term partner for CSR.

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