White Cane Day 2020

October 15, 2020 – The recent spread of the Covid-19 virus is affecting millions of people’s lives around the world. It caused many large gathering of people event cancel. But, thanks to modern technology, we found a powerful way to carry on the event – going virtual. During this Covid-19 pandemic, St. Nicholas’ Home decided to celebrate White Cane Day virtually and Facebook LIVE the entire event in order to enhance the publicity and awareness.

It was a heartwarming opening of the event by flash mob dance presented by our trainees and work programme. Everyone was enjoyed themselves at the event with the dance and music played. After that, Ms Lee Cheng Imm, the senior head of Training & Social Services Division was invited for an opening speech to welcome all the attendees. 

We would like to give special thanks to Mr Loo Keat Seng and the representative of Buddhist Association – Mr Ooi Seng Giap for the donation of white cane to St. Nicholas’ Home. White cane shows important to us because it gives blind people the ablity to achieve a full and independant life.

Thanks to the event organizer prepared two activities for the day, first come with- Blind-Folded Activity. With blindfolded, we experience of fully blind person and knowing the importance and the usage of white cane. It was a great experience to everyone, because when we see less, our feeling enhanced.

Secondly – we had Treasure Hunt! Faced variety of challenges that required lot of teamwork and communication between sighted and BVI people, in order to unlock the clues and complete the mission. This game is meaningful to us especially BVI people as it helping them to realise their strength and ability.

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