YTL Foundation Donated Chromebooks to needy BVIs 2022

On July 7th, St. Nicholas’ Home, Penang organized a Chromebook handover ceremony on a beautiful afternoon. 10 new Chromebooks donated by YTL Foundation were presented to the recipients by St. Nicholas’ Home’s General Manager, Ms. Carmen Chew. All shortlisted recipients were diligently chosen by the selection committee to ensure only eligible ones qualified to receive. During the process, applicants were being interviewed  by the committee to assess applicants’ family background and suitability. Subsequently, recommendation letters were prepared by the committee and submitted for management’s approval

The recipients consist of our existing/previous course trainees and also previous employees who are vision impaired. They are from the low-income B40 family with inability to afford digital devices like Chromebooks. Their family belonged to single parent, poor family with huge family members who come from challenging socio-economic background. Will use it for taking training notes taught in the class, giving to their children as part of their digital learning tool, managing social media contents while promoting their online business, further studies in college  and teaching languages online are some of the intended usages from the recipients.

The ceremony was filled with lots of joy and excitement. They felt delighted and can’t wait to use their new Chromebook. Some are completely new Chromebook users while some replacing their old faulty  ones. Not missing out their gratitude to YTL Foundation. All of us from St. Nicholas’ Home, Penang are very appreciative to YTL Foundation for their generous Chromebook donations. “we hope that all the recipients can make full use of these Chromebooks whether in their future education or entrepreneurship journey. We have a few more to be given away for our next intake trainees and hope to receive more such donations from kind organizations in the future”, expressed Ms. Carmen Chew during her opening speech.

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